7 Well-Known Businesses You Never Knew Were Franchises

Franchises are popular the world over due to the simple fact they enable business owners to venture into them without the need to have an elaborate business plan. This is because the initial groundwork of starting a business has already been done for you, meaning you only need to join a successful business model and you are good to go.

Since there are different franchises around the world each with its own requirements for one to qualify to join, it is important for a business person to find the right fit.

Apart from the famous franchises like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts, there are other businesses that people don’t know they are in this category. Take a look below:-

  • Little Caesars – this successful pizza franchise was started fifty-two years ago and currently has over 3000 units around the globe. You probably frequent one in your neighborhood or town but did you know it’s not the only one?
  • FASTSIGNS – in the world of signage and branding, Fastsigns rules with over 600 hundred stores worldwide. Started by Gary Salomon back in 1985 in Dallas Texas, this franchise has been going strong since.
  • Smoothie King – started 40 years ago by Steve Kuhnau, a nurse, who after taking ill got better by cutting back on fat while eating fresh foods. He experimented with protein drinks to alleviate fatigue caused by hypoglycemia and came up with a combination of fruits, supplements, and vitamins and thus, Smoothie King was born. Currently, its goodness can be found in over 600 locations.
  • Gold’s Gym – this $78 billion industry that has a presence in over 200 countries and offers pro shops and health club to franchisees.
  • Hertz – with its presence in over 100 airports worldwide, Hertz is a force to reckon with as the go-to car rental company. Within it’s over 90 years of existence; it has expanded to include equipment, car sales and renting trucks and vans.
  • Jiffy Lube – Jim Hindman began Jiffy Lube in 1979 when he noticed a gap in gas stations that offered full service. It has since been acquired by Shell Oil and can be seen in over 2000 locations in North America.
  • Wingstop – the chain that is popular for tasty chicken wings was started in 1994 and boasts a wide network of over 500 restaurants.

Business consultants and franchising

Venturing into the franchising business entails a lot of preparation with decisions to be made. Finding a franchise consultant is important as it can alleviate some of the anxiety as you will acquire guidance in the matter. This is the person to guide you in choosing the best franchise that matches your interests. Consider them as your resource center for invaluable information in this industry more so if you are new at it.

Finding one that has been successfully guiding people in picking the right franchise is mandatory. This is because they will have a list of opportunities and options together with an explanation of their pros and cons. This in turn helps you to narrow down the best one for you to put your money into. Take advantage of their contacts and wealth of experience by having business franchise consultants on your side.


When you add up the math and put some commitment into the franchise, your business can turn out to be successful by tapping into a formidable franchise group.

This Girl Can!

Not that long ago, it would have been very unusual to see a woman attending a boot camp in order to lose weight and get fit – they were primarily male-dominated zones that emulated the pressures of military service. However, nowadays the benefits of a boot camp workout have forced many women to reconsider their stance and take advantage of these opportunities at self-improvement. Women everywhere have found that their current fitness level increasingly doesn’t matter, provided you work out regularly at boot camps.


One of the big factors pushing women into trying fitness boot camps is that they are quite possibly the best way to lose weight fast – even for people who have struggled to lose weight in the past, they can see incredible results. A well-organised boot camp will have progressions in exercise from the novice all the way up to the more advanced boot camp attendees, and as your fitness and strength increase the exercise will get more difficult to match.


So why do boot camps work so well? Unlike exercising alone, boot camps workouts are based in sport science and physiology, meaning they are tailor made for optimal cardiovascular training and weight training. It is essential for the body’s metabolism to build muscle, and to engage in highly-effective calorie burning for a few hours so that for the rest of the day it continues to burn calories.





Additionally, boot camps are a good source of consistency and routine. It’s very difficult to reach health and fitness goals without regular, structured exercise, and it can also help you to be more motivated in going. Having a class to attend and trainers to avoid disappointing can be a great factor for people who find it difficult to stick with courses of exercise.


And of course, the health benefits are fantastic. A major health concern for women is in heart disease, which makes cardiovascular workouts all the more important. Exercising in a boot camp is one of the best ways of keeping your heart healthy, thereby reducing the risk of hear attack stroke later on. Regular exercise can also help with improving bone density, which decreases the risk of osteoporosis.


Additionally, it can help with time management, as it is one of the few times it is possible to burn that many calories in such a small amount of time. Most fitness programmes will need a much larger time commitment in order to get the same effects, which just isn’t practical for someone with a full time job and other commitments.


It doesn’t matter how fit you are or what kind of body you have – a fitness boot camp is a great way for anyone to get fit. If you’re uncomfortable training with men, look for a women’s only boot camp – some motivation required.



Check out this awesome new advert promoting women’s fitness in the UK.

The Pros of Boot Camps

For a fitness group or club, there is little better to offer your clientele than a fitness boot camp. Not only is it profitable but it’s also open to a huge variety of clients who are looking to improve their fitness levels through hard work.


Boot camps tend to appeal to quite wide audiences, and are also very effective – and have been proven as such. Usually based on the kind of training received when one signs up for the military, they can be a great way for a gym or health club to make additional money and bring in new clients.


Although boot camps aren’t a particularly new idea, they’re still popular because they can work very well but they are also quite sociable. People who are put off by the idea of signing on with a personal trainer might be more inclined toward a group class, where the pressure is taken off them and they can try out something different.


For gyms, it just makes sense to have a boot camp programme. Even compared with more normal elements of the gym experience like weight-lifting, spinning and treadmills, they can earn a lot of money for the business. This is largely because a large number of people can be brought in with just one instructor and with virtually no other overheads.


The fact that many people can come to one lesson means that the trainer can more efficiently use their time, especially when an hour class could have anywhere between ten and fifty people in attendance. This also translates to costing less for each person, which keeps them happy and doesn’t exclude those who are less well-off. For example, if you had twenty attendees paying £10 each to get in, that’s £200 earned in an hour. It would take a lot of training to charge that much for a personal training session.


They are also convenient because they need no specific equipment, meaning the lessons can be taught absolutely anywhere, which cuts down massively on the overheads. They can be held in parks, community centres, garages or gyms, although if you own a studio space already this could be a great venue for the boot camp sessions.


The cost is even lower, because no equipment is needed. The vast majority of exercises performed require no additional equipment, and it would be very simple to run things as such. Some trainers prefer to involve props such as resistance bands, but these can be loaned out again and again, or clients could be asked to bring them in.


In terms of clients, there are two main reasons why they would keep coming back – and those are that it’s fun, and also effective as exercise.


Most boot camp attendees are looking to get fit by burning some calories – and they’re in exactly the right place. Not everyone has the time to exercise every day so instead they cram a week’s worth of workout into just an hour session. But because boot camp sessions are so intense, they can make up for a lot of exercise, and encourage your body to continue to burn calories throughout the rest of the day.


They are also very adept at working out different parts of the body. The exercises involved are ones that tone all over the body, and very quickly. But entirely aside from the workout element, people keep coming back to boot camps because they’re fun and sociable!


Sure you could watch a workout video, but it isn’t personal involvement, and the person on the video can’t tell if you’re doing something wrong. Not only do bootcamps provide people with personalised motivation, but they can also instruct people on how best to exercise.


But then of course there is also the social aspect. Exercising in a group means that you can motivate and encourage each other, just like in the army. Whether attendees prefer to help or compete against each other, some form of comparison is usually quite helpful. Often lasting friendships will emerge in classes, which is a lovely thing to see.



The Rise of Popularity of Vodka Luges at Weddings and Parties

Looking for something super fun for your party or wedding? Vodka luges are the latest word in crazy entertainment and decorative art, and are increasingly becoming extremely popular at big events. Whether you are planning a massive booze up, wild party, themed event or chic soiree, a vodka luge could be the way to set the tone for your big occasion and get the party started, or simply break the ice to get the conversation flowing.

– What is an vodka luge?

A vodka luge, or an ice luge as they are sometimes called, is, simply speaking, a means of drink delivery. It is a shape, carved from ice, that has a thin channel through it, through which drinks can be poured, either into a glass or directly into someone’s mouth.

– Who gets a vodka luge?

Vodka (and other) ice luges are becoming more and more popular for a range of events. They are popular with the wild party crowd, for stag or hen dos, or any other occasion where alcohol is flowing fast – nothing gets a party swinging faster than a slide dispensing drinks faster than people can drink them. For those occasions, the main point is fun – drink will be poured straight into people’s mouths. But others are realising that there is more to the vodka luge than just the vodka, and increasingly, ice luges are being used at a number of more sophisticated affairs.


ski jump

The luges can be molded or carved into just about any shape you can think of. A Birthday party might call for an ice luge carved into the shape of the age of the Birthday guy or gal. An apres ski shindig might have an ice luge shaped like a ski jump or a mountain. A wedding could have an ice luge shaped like a heart, a swan, a dove, or anything with meaning for the bride and groom – it is almost infinitely personalisable and therefore perfect for any unique occasion.

– Why get a vodka luge?

Finding a novel way of dispensing alcohol for your party guests can keep the novelty alive while you keep the drinks flowing. What is more, inhibitions can be done away with in short order, allowing the occasion to go well and smoothly. A vodka luge can be more than just a drink dispenser though – since these are really ice sculptures with a difference, they can be as crazy or as classy as you wish, and can be customised to suit your own individual occasion, your tastes and your aesthetic.

So why not order a vodka luge for your next big event or party?

Picking A Gym

It’s not uncommon for people to join a gym or fitness centre after Christmas, once they’ve put on their winter weight and are looking to feel attractive again – or perhaps as a New Years resolution. Unfortunately just paying the membership fees alone won’t get you fit, and many people end up wasting tons of money by simply not attending gym sessions that they’ve already paid for – or will go for a month or two and then give up.


If you’re actually serious about gaining fitness in the long term, you should look into the gyms available and find a good quality one that looks as though it could hold your attention and encourage you to stick with your routine. These are a few of the things you should look for to find a gym where you’ll be happy.



The best bet is to sign up to a gym that is near your home or work. If it’s out of the way, you’ll probably make up excuses not to go, or even have legitimate ones. If it’s near somewhere you visit regularly you’ll be more encouraged to attend, after work or on a lazy Saturday. It’s often better to go for a substandard gym on route to work rather than a fancy one two bus rides away.


Opening Hours

When is the club open, and how many staff do they have? If it’s only open during working hours, it won’t be any good for professionals. Can you get a personal trainer during the hours you want to be there? Do they have childcare facilities? You’ll know the time you’re most likely to workout – in the morning, lunchtime, weekend or even the middle of the night – so make sure it’s open then.



Check the gym out when you would usually be there. Is it really busy and difficult to get onto equipment at this time? Are there available lockers and parking? If you go at the most busy times you might not be able to do anything about it, but you can see about working around them.


The People

What kind of people go to this gym? Some cater to weight loss, some to body builders, others to training for big sporting events. You’ll want to feel comfortable and fit in – after all, if you go to a body building place and you’re trying to lose weight, you might feel a little puny in comparison!


The Staff

You have to know that the staff are going to be friendly and helpful if there are any issues – especially if you have problems with another member. They should at least appear happy to be there, and professional. You also want to check that if you go for a personal trainer, they have someone who can adjust to suit you.



Finally, have a good look at the equipment to see what kind of state it’s in. Are there going to be a lot of Out Of Order signs on machines? How clean are the locker rooms? Are the staff doing anything unsanitary, or allowing anything to go on in front of them? At the end of the day, the gym needs to be a healthy and safe environment.


Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable in a gym or fitness centre. You should be focused on self-improvement, not what everyone else looks like and whether you like the staff. In the busy post-Christmas rush to lose those extra pounds gained over the festive period, many of you will be looking for a decent gym to get you started. I highly recommend Primal Health Fitness for quality fitness training. Check out their services here!

What is Net Neutrality?

If the words ‘net neutrality’ fill you with the same feeling you had sat at the back of maths class in high school, then you may feel that an article about the topic will be as dull as ditchwater, and, frankly, something about which you care little. But once you realise what the term actually means, you will recognise that it is something which it is vitally important that we preserve.

What does it mean?

Net neutrality is the principle that all data on the Internet should be treated equally. Imagine that all web content is traffic travelling down a road, each web service or internet company is represented by a car, as things stand, everyone is free to travel on that road – now imagine that rich folk, ie the big established companies, can pay to go on a special lane only available to them, and can go down the road faster. Net neutrality says that we should act now to prevent greedy Internet Service providers from charging for faster service (the special lane of the metaphor). Proponents of net neutrality say everyone should be able to travel along the road without impediment, so everyone has an equal chance at Internet dominance. We do have net neutrality still at the moment, it is how Facebook managed to come from nowhere to out compete MySpace back in the day, but for how long will it be maintained? Globally, we seem to be sleepwalking into losing this free competition and equality in the Web.

Why is it important?

– Without net neutrality, cable companies would basically be the guardians of the Internet. They would have control of what data we see, and from whom.- It is important that the Internet remain a free and open resource because that fosters democratic and global communication. Many argue that this open communication is vital for the benefit of the whole of humanity.- A user who gets used to the faster delivery of data on the special fast lane would be unlikely to be able to tolerate waiting for the data from companies and providers who cannot afford to deliver at that higher speed, greatly advantaging big existing companies.- There would be danger of monopoly, with the big existing companies being always able to out-compete new companies, start ups and small independents and individuals. This is an unfair business model.- What is more, this advantage to big business would discourage and often styme entrepreneurship and innovation.- Without net neutrality, it could be hard to maintain Internet standards.- Without end-to end blind and equal transmission of all data on the Internet, the Internet cannot continue to be the force it has been for economic and social good.

What has been done about it?

This year, MEPs in the European Union voted to safeguard net neutrality by restricting ISPs ability to charge for faster network access. Individual countries have also been concerned with the issue, and many have put safeguards in place.

In the United States the news is more mixed. In April this year, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was reported to be considering a new rule to allow network providers to charge for a ‘fast lane’, reversing their earlier net neutrality position. In May, they decided to consider two options, the first being a two-tier system, the other being a reclassification of broadband Internet Service as a telecommunications service, which would preserve net neutrality. In November, President Obama recommended that the FCC go with the second option.

There is more that can and should be done to preserve this vital attribute of the Internet.